Friday, February 3, 2017

SCRUG 2/2/2017 BIMSmith

The review of the first part of the meeting seemed so long that I thought my notes on the second part would get lost...

First off, thanks to the sponsors for the pizza, drinks and cookies. Microdesk, US CAD, Keller Pacific.

Jim Balding introduced
The website is a new way for materials supplier to get their information to design professionals. Their site went live early 2016.
Everyone in the room has used Revit to build families. System families are a bit of a pain because they do not use the same family editor for creation. BIMSmith is a web based interface to simplify the process. They use drag and drop for placement of wall layers or ceiling layers. They have drop down menus for when choices are limited. Where products are offered by a manufacturer, they are listed by model options. For example if siding is offered in 4", 6" and 12" sizes, those are the only sizes in the drop down menu. Once you are done designing the wall or pick one of the prefab walls in the "drawer", the build button is ready for a click. It takes a while, but the website gathers all the information available for the components making up the new wall, packages it into a zip file and emails you, and places it in your account page. You may download the zip file and find all the goodies.

  1. Revit system family in a .RVT (Revit template file)
  2. Autocad .DWG
  3. Word .DOC Three part spec
  4. PDF cut sheets
  5. Details if available
Cool Features
Actual Manufacturer products, prebuilt UL listed assemblies, in some cases even screws are a choice, can share creations, 3d view during making process, Earl looks like Don Sutherland

Not so cool
Site is slow, shared parameters not available in web interface, long workflow (create, compile, download, open, copy, paste into project, add shared parameters),

Future Features
Roofs available next, Revit plugin, Pipes, Ducts, 

My Opinion
I will try out the website. Since I am in a company that does not have a mature catalog of walls & ceilings we can use this to build our library & standards. 

Other ideas brought up
WATG and other firms will have shopping malls or department stores. 
  1. Revit Template file - has the basics for every project the company focuses on
  2. Department Store Revit Template file - one level with all wall types, one level with furniture, one level with plumbing, mechanical, electrical, structural, equipment, kitchens, bathrooms, ...

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