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SCRUG November 2015

This meeting was the
Add In Extravaganza The Autodesk App Store has programs that can be added into Revit to do a variety of things. Nick Kramer  led the discussion.

He organized the presentation into three parts:

Free AppsSubscription AppsPaid Apps
Free Apps

COINS - A click on the icon creates a new view with a scope box. The box can be adjusted by a small dialog box. A similar functionality is built into Revit, but COINS offers the ability to toggle it on & off and one may name the view as one create it which saves it in the project browser.CAD to Earth - When Google spun off SketchUp the link to Google Earth went with it. This addin brings it back.Align for tags - Generally one must eyeball the alignment of the various types of tags. If one spends the time to place the origin of all the various tag types in the same spot, this addin will get them all to line up.XLSX - This addin allows a two way communication with MS Excel. One may use a spreadsheet to coordinate information from …