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I survived

Last night I was in a car accident. I entered the 5 freeway going North at the Dana Point PCH on-ramp. There was some debris in the acceleration lane. It was pretty big. I doubt I was traveling faster than 50mph because my car has been having transmission issues and does not accelerate very fast. I swerved left to avoid it moving into the next lane. My car started to fishtail (I think i hit the debris). I turned right to try to compensate and started into a spin-out that ultimatly lead my car to the curb and off the road and onto its roof. The passenger side window shattered and the roof above my daughter crushed in a bit. A flood of roadside dirt and sand flowed into the car's ceiling. I immediately unbuckled my seat belt. I think that is when I hit my head and got a scrape. I looked for a way out. I kicked open the driver side door, unbuckled my daughter and helped her out. I unbuckled my youngest son and helped him out. I crawled out and gathered them together. We hugged and pr…