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SCRUG 8/17/2017 dRofus

The August 2017 SCRUG (South Coast Revit User Group) met at the Irvine California offices of Little Diversified Architectural Consulting.

Food was supplied by Super Mex. Cheese enchiladas and chicken enchiladas. Thank you to our sponsors... Kelar Pacific, Microdesk, & U.S. CAD.

Brok Howard of dRofus presented. He emphasized that his company was not trying to remake all the Revit Addins or tools inside Revit Architecture. Nor are they trying to have a huge feature set.  It can be used as a Revit content management solution and admittedly, it is clunky. 

dRofusleverages the existing tools in Revit to help designers focus on design. Their cloud based solution is a database that has bi-directional communication with Revit. dRofus can create and push shared parameters into Revit files. However, not all information needs to be in the model. The examples showed how an owner's requirements or an architectural program can reside outside Revit. With dRofus and Revit side by side one can h…

USC BIM Conference 2017, "BIM 2017: what's next?"

I attended the eleventh annual BIM conference at my alma mater. Here is what I learned:
More and more firms are bringing visualization into their design work flowVirtual Reality Augmented Reality Reality Capture is replacing site photography3d PrintingMachine Learning and Internet of Things bring valuable data to the design processGrasshopper, Dynamo, Lumion are software to leverage what computers are good at to improve design outcomesDo analysis to better understand the performance of designGrasshopper can create visually complex designs using math and small repeated elements like bricksDynamo can gather data from the design and automate repetitive tasksThe number of tech companies involved in VR and its technologies is extensive - Vive, Samsung, OculusRift, HoloLense, ...Some VR tech allows live design - move equipment in space, add objects, A virtual dissection table allows doctors to perform operations in a virtual environ…