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Why we have the IBC...

Architects and engineers and plan checkers work together to make sure this does not happen.


California's Division of the State Architect (DSA) has changed some of their Interpretations of Regulations. You may find the new manual here.
One major point is a clarification on occupancy loading in schools.

Small homes, Prefab homes

Small homes mean less resources to build. Less land. Less Wood. Less energy to run. Prefab homes mean tighter quality control. Less waste. More durability since the home needs to survive the jolts of travel to the site.
Follow this link to see half a dozen prefab, small homes.
Living in a small home means having to live with less. You need a more streamlined lifestyle. You need less stuff. You are more social because you are away from home since you don't have room to entertain.

Government Style Health Care

Lately I've been thinking about the Big Government plans to compete with private insurance by providing a health care plan for all Americans (citizens and non-citizens alike).

Newt Gingrich made an analogy about Big Government solutions in a video. We all use one particular government solution - the Post Office. How well has it served us? The Post Office is touted as the only government service that runs a profit. By law the only way to send first class mail is through the Post Office. It is a monopoly for first class mail and must compete for extra business services. According to yahoo, it will lose more than a billion dollars this year. How does it make up short falls like this? Cutting jobs or gaining tax dollars? The United States Postal Service (USPS) has many sources of revenue besides the sale of first class delivery of mail. Packages, collectible stamps, enhanced services, advertising, just to name a few.

The competition is FedEX, UPS, DHL, and many regional services. When…


I've started following a blog by my college classmate Gideon Burton. We share several interests. More importantly, he is a much better writer than me. You can also read his posts here.

Revit Rendering

Check out a great post revealing the secret to increasing rendering times here.

International Building Codes

The new I-Codes are now available. Buy them at the ICC website.

Why Wind Mills cost so much...

If you ever wondered why we don't use more wind power in this country, examine the image carefully. Windmills require plenty of land. Every windmill needs a road to service it. A series of wires must connect the windmill to the grid. Each of these items are capital expenditures. The fuel for the windmill is free, but the initial costs are so large that it takes quite a longtime to recover them.