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Leaving Writer Beat

It is after much e-mail and lots of time reading articles that I have decided to leave the website. Here are my posts...
Obama Tax Cut Added Jan 19, 2014 - 10:20pmThe cost to administer this complex code is unbearably high. Our government must retain high wage lawyers and accountants to administer it. There are millions of people and companies paying the tax and 40 million that pay nothing or don't file, so we have no idea if they should be paying or not. Our government can run just fine on excises taxes which have a much lower compliance cost.  Like(0)UnLike(1)Report as improper The Robertson Clan, A&E and Hypocrisy Added Dec 21, 2013 - 1:36am A&E have no power over any of us. Phil Robertson is not forcing his beliefs on anyone. How is this news? I live in an "at will" state. I can be relieved from my place of work at any time for any reason or non-reason.

We have a group of people that can FORCE their beliefs on the rest of us. They act in…

SCRUG 4/17/15

I've been away from SCRUG meetings for a few months. I was asked to serve as an adult adviser in the local chapter of the Order of the Arrow.

However, my OA meetings did not fall on the April 2015 SCRUG meeting which featured Scott Davis showing off the Autodesk 2016 suite of offerings.

Scott started by showing off the new features of 3DS MAX. Most notably, it now has the ability to place cameras and may use Cloud Rendering.

Presently the Revit 2016 site is up and the new software is available for download. Most of the programming efforts were spent on performance enhancement, not new features. Consequently there was not much to show. Scott's quote was, "100 times faster". From the demo videos and the live demo, it does look noticeably faster. One killer new feature - when you print to PDF, you may have Revit build-in the hyperlinks. Click on a bubble, go to that detail! Nice.

On the collaboration side, Autodesk has A360. This idea has some real potential. The way mo…