Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sometimes, you draft an email and never send it...

Good day. You have asked about our opinions and recommendations for the First Impressions west side submittal.
  1.  These are installations that will last for a long time and will be viewed by employees of the VA on a daily basis. We see the submission as  a step back from the east side, publically viewable installations.
  2. We think that the text and medallion need not be duplicated at the director’s reception.
  3. The flags/wheelchair vets image (shown as part of the #3 installation) may be better displayed at the #4 location.
  4. FYI the #4 design repeats two images from the computer room installation. We think that this design may be well suited for the #3 location.
  5. The #1 and #2 images color coordinate well.
  6.  The #1 image should have the letter height reduced so that all the text will occur on the top half of the image.
  7.  Each location has tables and chairs immediately adjacent to their respective walls except #4.
  8. We recommend that the next submittal have dimensions  to show the proportions of the images to their respective walls.
  9. Will the same stainless steel wall base detail be used?

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